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Marketing Portfolio

for Matt Wolfe

Marketing Strategy

Showtunes Theatre Company

Showtunes was in need of a logo redesign to find an image that could offer a streamlined, easy to identify visual brand. But more importantly, I led the company through several conversations as part of a larger marketing strategy. The result was the following transformation in the logo and tagline which served to clarify messaging and future strategy development.

Old Design

New Design

Website Design and Content Creation

Image of Old Website

I performed a complete rebuild and redesign of the company's website, including the production of new video content, to update it from an older format to a vertical scrolling format optimized for desktop and mobile.


The new format was designed to function more like a landing page and incorporated lightboxes to keep the experience linear and streamlined. I also re-designed and re-formatted the company blog. All of the content for the blog has been written by me. 

Video Production and Editing

The following videos were created for a specific audience of partners and owners of small law firms. They address felt needs and concerns attorneys share around the legal lead industry and establish the company as premium brand.

Product Overview

Promo for the "Cherry Picker" Bonus Feature

"Managed Risk" Online Promo

Improv Alive!

The following was the center of a suite of videos produced for this company to use on their website and in social media advertising. I directed the shoot and edited the content. The videos were designed to help business professionals see the benefits of improvisation training for individuals, teams, and corporate cultures.There was an urgent need for this business to be able to demonstrate the experience of their training workshops to professionals from industries unrelated to the arts. This company has performed training for Microsoft, Boeing, the University of Washington, and many other prominent corporations in Seattle. You can see the entire suite of videos here.

Seattle Children's Theatre

Seattle Children's Theatre faced a considerable challenge in marketing their World Premiere of Mwindo. It was based on African mythology and featured a story that was very unfamiliar to American audiences. While interning with their administration team under Artistic Director Linda Hartzell, I created this suite of "behind the scenes" videos to help preview the show to their audience. The videos feature production designs, original music from the sound design, and also authentic samples of a children's choir from Africa recorded by my mother as part of her work.

Showtunes Theatre Company

During the 2015-2016 Season, Showtunes presented a reunion concert of a former Seattle institution, The Washingtonians. There were two primary challenges in marketing this project. First, we had to reach and mobilize the old fanbase. Second, we had to narrate what the Washingtonians were to a new generation of Seattleites who had no memory of the group. The choir hadn't performed for 12 years. The Washingtonians were a unique blend of choir concert, sketch comedy, and music theatre elements and required some narration to help convert ticket sales. One part of the solution was this short documentary on the group targeted on social media to music theatre fans in Seattle. As with many of my projects, my resources were limited in terms of camera equipment and in this case, archive footage, but the result under limited technical conditions was effective. 

The Alba Acting Method

The "Alba Method" is a very rare and unique acting technique. As such, it's also a difficult task to convince actors to give it a try. Following an introductory workshop held in Seattle, I interviewed participants and the instructor to create an introductory video that would help introduce potential students to both the instructor and the technique. I believed that testimonials from fellow professionals and a view into the passion and integrity of the instructor would help convert sales for a growing community around the method. This was part of a small suite of videos created for the campaign.

Content and Graphic Design for Social Media

* Double click on the galleries below to view full-size images.

Showtunes Theatre Company

The following gallery contains images from various projects for Showtunes. Some of them I crafted and many were produced by a marketing team I led.

The following gallery contains image ads I designed to be used for social media advertising and for promoting blog content for 4LegalLeads. Our campaigns have walked a spectrum between expected, professional content and humorous content which stands out in that industry.

DyNexus Recruiting and Staffing

DyNexus is a recruiting firm focused on finding talent for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM platforms. I had to design campaigns on two fronts. One front was advertising to potential clients who would use our services. The second front was to attract the attention of hard-to-locate talent. Both tasks required sophisticated ad targeting strategy to reach employers and talent in a niche industry. I put a special emphasis on humor because the software consulting industry typcially portrays itself in a dry, humorless fashion. Many of these ads were designed to stand out in a consultant's news feed, juxtaposing unexpected imagery with industry jargon.

* Double click on the galleries to view full-size images.

Ebook and Whitepaper Content

The ebook and whitepaper below were created for a lead gathering campaign for 4LegalLeads. These were offered as free resources, downloaded after completing a form on a custom landing page. I wrote the content, designed, and edited the documents. You can click on the image to view a PDF.

DyNexus Recruiting and Staffing

Our team decided to offer a comprehensive ebook guide to recruiting for our industry as a free resource linked to a landing page information form. This provided us with sales leads and was designed to help position us as a thought leader in the industry. I edited and compiled contributions from the recruiting staff and wrote the other sections needed to complete the book. I also did the layout and design. 

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